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♦ The series D.Gray-man
is an ongoing Japanese manga (comic) series written and illustrated by Hoshino Katsura, beginning it's run in 2004. The series follows young boy by the name of Allen Walker, who immediately stands out because of his unique physical appearance. Early in the series, Allen becomes a member of an organization of exorcists who find use in the rare power known as Innocence - a power of which Allen possesses. There is only a limited amount of Innocence in the world, and it is very picky as to who it chooses to wield it. It also manifests itself in each user in an entirely different and unique manner. This power is used primarily to fight a being known as the Millenium Earl and his army of akuma.

Because of his personality, Allen is able to gain many friends in his time spent as an exorcist. A young man named Lavi quickly becomes one of them, with their personalities meshing very well. They face many enemies and trials together with the rest of their friends. However, despite how easygoing and open Lavi seems, his friends really do not know that much at all about him.
Name: Lavi
Gender: Male
Age: 18 (start) 19 (current)
Birthday: August 10
Nationality: Mixed (mostly Asian)
Bloodtype: O
Affiliation: Black Order, Bookman clan
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
Height: 185 cm (6'1")
Innocence: Iron Hammer
Type: Equipment
Seiyuu: Suzumura Kenichi
Manga Debut: Chapter 26
Anime Debut: Episode 12
♦ Lavi is a member of the Black Order
- a wielder of Innocence. However, he is first and foremost a member of the Bookman Clan, a group of people with eidetic memories dedicated to staying neutral for the sake of recording history in an unbiased manner. Though he acts friendly, mischievous, funloving, and easygoing, he is actually incredibly reserved. In fact, "Lavi" is not even his real name - it is one of his 49 aliases he has used in order to stick to the ways of the Bookman Clan. The teachings he lives by dictate that one must remain entirely detached from the world and those around him to remain unbiased. Lavi knows that he may very well one day see all of his comrades die and be expected to simply move on with no emotion. He knows that one day, he may just have to up and leave with no goodbyes. It is these teachings he internally struggles with.

The more time he spends with Allen and the others, the more he seems to struggle with his teachings. His master is constantly berating him for being "green" and inexperienced, and warns him not to get attached. He begins to become more open with his companions, though he tries to hide it from his master. He has a bold personality for someone who is supposed to remain unattached, and it is a constant struggle for him. He easily assimilates with the group because of his personality, and tends to think up strange nicknames for some of his companions. He is also the only person to refer to Kanda Yuu by his given name, to which he is yelled at every time. It does not seem to deter him. Lavi is in the habit of teasing Kanda and Allen, though he also tried to break up the fights between the two of them.

Because of his eidetic memory - not to be confused with a photographic memory, which pertains only to certain images - he is incredibly intelligent and resourceful. He is quick-witted and able to think of battle strategies on the spot. It can sometimes be unexpected, even as the reader, because it is more common for Lavi to act laidback and lazy than it is for him to show these skills despite how frequently he utilizes them.
♦ Lavi's Innocence is called Iron Hammer
(Tettsui) and, as it's name indicates, takes the form of a hammer. As Lavi is fond of nicknaming and he doesn't like it's original name, he calls it "Big Hammer, Little Hammer" (Ozuchi, Kozuchi). This hammer can grow or shrink at Lavi's command, and there is a weight change based on it's size though as it's accommodator, Lavi is unaffected by the change. He mentions that it always feels the same to him. He also creatively uses his hammer as a form of transportation - he can sometimes be seen riding it as it grows across long distances.

In addition to it's ability to change sizes at Lavi's will, he is able to use it to summon several "judgements" by hitting elemental seals that appear as written kanji the float around him. There are many seals that he has yet to use so their power is unknown, but he has been seen using the Fire, Heaven, and Wood stamps. He does not seem well practiced in his use of the stamps, as he is instructed by Bookman to use his Wood stamp, to which Lavi states that he had forgotten he could use it in such a way.
♦ No one knows what Lavi's real name is
and it's likely we never will. "Lavi" is his 49th alias, with "Deak" being his 48th. All we know of his childhood is that he has been apprenticing to become a Bookman since he was very young. During his training, he developed his eidetic memory - his ability to completely recall any detail of anything he has ever witnessed or been told. He grew to view humans as foolish, as he witnessed several wars because of the human race's inability to change, even to better itself. However, when Lavi joined the Black Order, his opinion began to change.

"Humans create nothing but wars! They're a feeble species!"

During his battle with Road Kamelot, she invades his heart and forces him to face himself with the intent of breaking his soul. He relives when he joined the order and his attitude at the time. He first comes to the order during a large funeral gathering. Seemingly unaffected by the death surrounding him, he glimpses Lenalee Lee for the first time. When he becomes an exorcist, everyone warms up to him immediately including Johnny Gill who requests his measurements so a proper, unique uniform can be made for him. Lenalee remarks that this is because Johnny wants to do what he can to make sure Lavi is well protected. Lavi did as he was supposed to as a Bookman, leaving his emotions out of it because everyone he met would be excluded from history.

It is important to note that while Lavi sems open and outgoing, funloving and happy, this is just the persona he has chosen to take on. As he stated to Bookman earlier, he would be friendly as he usually is. Which means out of 49 aliases, he usually takes on a friendly persona. He chooses to be this person, perhaps because deep down, he really is this person. He earns himself the reputation as a trouble maker in the Order because of the personality he has chosen to portray. Sometime after he joins the Order, but before he meets up Allen and the gang, he meets a Finder called Doug who is initially untrusting of him.

"Your eye is like glass. It reflects me, but that’s all. Nothing reaches inside."

However, when Lavi risks his own life without hesitation to save Doug's, the Finder comes to respect him and view him as a friend. The two were sent on a mission to investigate a French town by the name of Elysee. Doug, over the course of the investigation, becomes fond of a young girl named Colette. After Lavi departs, Colette is killed and Doug became an akuma in his attempt to rescue her. Lavi was forced to strike him down as he would any enemy, unaware of the tears streaming down his face as he did so. This is where the change in him began. Though he swallows his grief and makes no mention of it again, as is the Bookman way, it is a significant part of his past. It is the first time he allowed himself to become emotionally involved in the history he was recording. After this, he is dispatched to meet up with Allen and the rest at the Rewinding Town.
♦ When Lavi first meets up with the group
he has already begun to change. His experience with Doug and Colette is still fresh in his heart, though he never makes any mention of it and acts the same as he always has. At first, he just asks mischievous and funloving, the firebrand we have come to see him as. Allen finds it easy to get along with Lavi, and vice versa. He tells Allen, who's left eye is injured and therefore cannot see the tethered souls of the akuma, that the other exorcists must constantly be on guard and view every human as an akuma. Lavi admits, opening up slightly, that he personally sees all humans as alies of the Earl.

For someone who is supposed to keep his inner feelings a secret, he is alarmingly open with Allen and his friends even from the beginning. Again, this may be because of his recent loss of Doug and Colette, and once the emotions came pouring out he could not seem to stop them. There are many times where he sits back and observes without involving himself, but there are also many times when he loses control of his emotions. A lot of these moments can be observed in the Edo and Asian Branch Arc, when Lavi and Lenalee are led to an enormous pool of Allen's blood and an ace of spades from Allen's deck of cards. Lavi picks up the card and keeps it, making no mention of it to anyone. When they return to the ship, Lenalee admits that she feels responsible for Allen's death, and Lavi loses control. He breaks a window and tells her that there is no way they could have helped their friend because they were in their own battles. She cries because of the passion and emotion he shows, and Bookman pulls him aside to scold him - not for making her cry but for allowing himself to become too involved in his role as an apostle of God. He reminds him that they are just observers and are not meant to get attached.

Lavi finds himself on the deck of the ship, staring at Allen's card and tries to remind himself that he is not supposed to feel, that he is not supposed to have a heart. They are attacked by akuma hidden in the clouds, and after they are defeated Lavi sees a light in the distance where Lenalee had gone to fight her own battle. Losing control again, he tries to leave the ship to find her but the crew tries to stop him. Miranda Lotto begs for him to be kinder to the men and wants to at least bandage his wounds before he leaves, but he is enraged, stating that Lenalee is their comrade. Miranda starts to cry, telling him that he too is a comrade, but he leaves to find Lenalee anyway.

When he finds her and brings her back to the ship, she begins to awaken. He rushes to her side, still filled with his uncontrollable raw emotion, and the two begin to cry when she asks him if she is still in this world. When leaving the ship, Lavi feels guilty that he was unable to protect the people on it better, who have all been mortally wounded but are still alive thanks to Miranda's time suspension. However, once she leaves her ability loses it's effect and they will all die. As the survivors are sent off in a small boat, Lavi tells Bookman that it is hard to take.

"Before Lavi, there were 48 others. Why aren't you the same as them?"

Lavi and the others reach Edo and encounter the Millenium Earl and the Noah family. Recognizing Tyki Mikk as the one who killed Allen, Lavi once more loses control and is infuriated. When Allen returns and is safe, Lavi is overjoyed. Soon Lenalee is captured by the Noah family and the group goes after her. They find her quickly, but are told they have three hours to find their way out of the Ark befre it is completely destroyed with them inside. Lavi finds an opponent with Road Kamelot, who invades his mind in order to break his heart.

He finds that his opponent is not necessarily Road, but rather his own self. He encounters another version of himself who berates him for failing as a Bookman. He relives moments from when he first joined the Order, denying that they are not happening right now and reminding himself that he has to break out of this world he has become trapped in. He remembers how detached he was, but states that he cannot remember when his smile stopped being a lie. When a coffin containing Lenalee's body drifts by, Lavi panics and jumps out of the boat, holding her body in his arms. His other self asks him why, isn't she just a small piece of history? The area around him becomes filled with coffins, and the corpses of everyone he knew emerge from them, calling his name repeatedly.

Allen appears beside him, retrieving the ace of spades card Lavi had held onto and thanking him for holding onto it and keeping it a secret from Bookman. As Lavi becomes more and more upset from the memories and his feelings, his other self promptly kills Allen which pushes Lavi over the edge emotionally. His other self calls him a failure while we see his friends stab the real Lavi. His other self reassures him that when he dies, the Bookman clan will still live on because he, the other Lavi, will take over. As Lavi falls, Road allows his other self to take over Lavi's body and he begins attacking his Allen. However, when the other Lavi uses his fire seal on Allen, the flames are not hot and his friends realize he must still be in there somewhere, but Lavi turns his fire onto himself and Road.

Inside of his mind, Lavi reveals that he had stabbed himself before his friends were able to, which allowed him to keep his sanity. He stabs Allen's dead body in the water, which turns out to be where Road had been hiding. She admires his determination but tells him it is why he will never succeed as a Bookman. Lavi says he made the best choice he could in the situation. His other self appears over Lavi's fallen form, asking him why. Why he started to change, why he couldn't be the same as the 48 other aliases he had upheld, and why being the 49th was the hardest. His other self transforms into a much younger Lavi, who screams at him for choosing his temporary friends over the Bookman clan.

Lavi then asks his other, younger self why the Bookman clan exists and why humans are always waging wars. His younger self cries because he has no idea. As Lavi fades out of existence, his younger self is left in tears. He realizes that, even if there are no answers right now, every other self he had encountered where all a part of him. Finally, after hearing his friends screaming his name, his younger self fades and Road keeps good on her promise, releasing him and his friends.

"Did you come to despise becoming a Bookman, Lavi!?"

♦ After the events inside his own heart,
Lavi seems to be trying his hardest to make the decisions he feels are best, rather than what works best with his Bookman clan training. Wounded from his ordeals in the Ark, with his Innocence undergoing repairs since it crumbled in his hands, Lavi is left with no weapon but his own will when the Black Order headquarters are invaded by akuma. When the call goes out for exorcists to assemble, Lavi and Lenalee immediately spring into action despite neither having their Innocence. Komui promptly locks them in the infirmary because he knows that they would try anything to help even without their weapons.

When the first level four akuma in all of history evolves, Leverrier unlocks the infirmary door to retrieve Lenalee, attempting to force her to fuse with her damaged Innocence. Lavi can't stand back and watch this man intimidate his friend, so he grabs the man's arm and removes his hand from Lenalee's wrist. Lenalee resolves to do it, however, and Lavi is torn. He asks himself if he's choosing to go with them as a Bookman, to record history, or as a friend, to protect Lenalee. Despite his frustration, he takes off after them. He tells Leverrier he is there for recording purposes, but he turns to Lenalee and tells her that he will be there for her. This shows that he is choosing to act on his feelings to stay close with his companions rather than detaching himself from them.

When Lenalee is about to drink her liquidated Innocence, Lavi urges Komui to be by his sister's side. This is something an impartial person would not do, but he is adamant about it. He tells Komui that she is living for him. He and Kanda then help Allen fight off the level four akuma, virtually weaponless, until Lenalee successfully bonds with her evolved Innocence and she and Allen kick the crap out of the monster. Afterward, he is seen rushing to the science department, filled with relief when he sees Bookman is still alive.

Soon after, Allen is taken into custody by CROW, headed by Leverrier, under suspicion that he possesses the 14th Noah somewhere inside of him. Lavi maintains his position as the apprentice to Bookman steadfastly, listening in on the conversation between Allen and Cross Marian. General Cross informs Allen that the Noah will consume and take over him, and that there is a secret side to the war between the Order and the Earl. Lavi asks Bookman about it and is told not to repeat anything about it. When Lavi does not heed his advice and mentions it again some days later, Bookman simply tells him that the two of them need to be careful as they may be targeted for hearing Cross mention it.

As if in foreboding, Lavi and Bookman are sent as part of a mission to China, where they are subsequently captured by the Noah family. The Black Order is unaware of their status and likely thinks they moved on, as Bookman clan members do. In reality, Lavi is infected with Fiidora's parasites and is unable to defend himself while being tortured by them for information. Bookman has to sit and watch his disciple being beaten, but he remains silent. This is their current status.

"Would I be doing that as a Bookman successor...? Or...?"

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